Racial Bias Crash Course: 5 Quick Tools to Get You Up to Speed

Testing your racial bias can be a very scary thing.  To ease your nerves and to prepare you to take the test and process your results, we've combed the web and put together this handy little crash course. These articles and videos will tell you everything you need to know in less than an hour. 

Understanding the Racial Bias You Didn’t Know You Had, Vox.com 

This short primer by Vox’s Jenee Desmond-Harris is the perfect read to prepare you to take the Implicit Association Test and begin the process of examining your own racial biases. In it, Harris discusses what implicit bias is, how it affects the way we think about race, and what scientists have found about getting rid of racial bias.

The Science of Why Cops Shoot Young Black Men, Mother Jones

Starting with his own experience with the racial Implicit Association Test, reporter Chris Mooney takes an in-depth look at the brain science behind implicit racial bias and what it means for policing. Definitely a worthwhile read.

How the Implicit Association Test Measures Racial Bias (VIDEO), Serious Science 

In this video, Mahzarin R. Banaji, co-author of Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People and one of the creators of the Race Implicit Association Test, breaks down how the test works and what it means if it says you’re biased.

White America’s Racial Illiteracy: Why Our National Conversation is Poisoned from the Start, Good Men Project

This insightful piece by Dr. Robin DiAngelo, whose research focuses on Whiteness Studies and Critical Discourse Analysis (yes, that’s a real thing), explains why White people are reluctant to talk about race and what they can do to help our country move closer to its egalitarian ideals. Read this and you’ll quickly understand why Dr. DiAngelo has become one our favorite White allies. 

Black-on-Black Racism and the Hazards of Implicit Bias, The Atlantic 

Shocked at his own Implicit Association Test results, writer Theodore Johnson examines why he -- and nearly half of all other Black people who take the test -- turn out to be biased against people of their own color. Very good read for understanding how media and cultural images give rise to racial bias.

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