Decoding Racism: Our New Web Series on Racial Bias

On Tuesday, August 18th, we're launching an exciting new web series on racial bias.  “Decoding Racism,” will look at the systemic impact of implicit racial bias in areas such as policing, education, media, healthcare, and employment and examine potential advocacy and policy solutions. The 75-minute live streams will feature a short slide presentation on the topic followed by a roundtable discussion with a panel of experts. Continue reading

New Study Reveals Just How Contagious Racial Bias Is

A new study finds that a person can "catch" racial bias just by watching someone else engage in racist behavior. There is good news. The reverse is true too. Continue reading

Racial Bias Crash Course: 5 Quick Tools to Get You Up to Speed

Testing your racial bias can be a very scary thing.  To ease your nerves and to prepare you to take the test and process your results, we've combed the web and put together this handy little crash course. These articles and videos will tell you everything you need to know in less than an hour.  Continue reading