A slight preference for Black people over White people.

I am a white woman. I did not grow up around Black people. I didn't talk to a Black person until I was 19. I was isolated in a small white community. It was a culture shock for me to move to a Southern state with lots of Black people. I learned, however, that it is important that I examine my bias and my privilege and my racist thoughts. Just be friending a Black woman helped. But it went even further. I began listening to Black women speak of their plight in the U.S. And just how alive racism still is in our system, social structure, even and especially our laws. I was afraid I would show a preference for white people after taking this test. I still keep that worry and uneasiness close because it helps me remember that I have privilege and I grew up with bias. I am glad for the chance to remind myself and other white people of bias and privilege. A final thought. I was struck by the word agony as a "bad" word. Having it contrasted with Black people I could only think of how many Black people suffer and die in the U.S. Agony reflects what they are going through. When I saw it lumped in with white people I didn't pause or reconsider that white people cause agony.

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